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Corona 01
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Introduction Price  


System Architecture
Clock speed  
Bus type  
Bus width  
Interrupt levels  
DMA channels  


Standard on system board  
Maximum on system board  
Maximum total memory  
Memory speed and type  
Standard Features     Disk Storage  
ROM size   ***** Internal disk and tape drive bays  
Optional math coprocessor   ***** Standard floppy drives  
Standard graphics     Optional floppy drives:  
Parallel printer ports     * 5 1/4 inch 360k  
RS232C serial ports     * 5 1/4 inch 1.2MB  
Mouse ports     * 3 1/2 inch 720k  
UART chip used     * 3 1/2 inch 1.44MB  
Maximum speed     * 3 1/2 inch 2.88MB  
CMOS real time clock     Hard disk controller included  
CMOS RAM        
Expansion Slots     Keyboard Specs.  
Total adapter slots     Number of keys  
Number of 8/16/32 bit slots     Keyboard cable length  
Physical Specs.     Enviromental Specs.  
Dimensions:     Power supply output  
* Height     Operating voltage @ 60 Hz  
* Width     Maximum current  
* Depth        
* Weight (including battery)