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      Above are the 2 versions of keyboards the Apple //e was released with. The one on the left was the early version for the 'unenhanced' //e released in 1983. It can be identified by the large Apple characters on the keys on either side of the space bar. This version was produced until 1985 when the 'enhanced' //e was released. The one on the right. It can be Identified by the smaller Apple characters and the Enhanced sticker placed in the empty key space beside the open Apple key.


Introduced 1983
Discontinued 1985 
Original Price $1400 


System Architecture Ports Data Storage
Processor: MOS Technology  6502
PMMU: n/a
FPU: n/a
Data Buss: 8 bits
Address Buss: 16 bits
L1 Cache: n/a
L2 Cache: n/a
2nd Processor: n/a
No. of Expansion Slots: 8
Clock Speed: 1.023 MHz
Buss Type: Apple Proprietary
USB: n/a
ADB: n/a
Video: 1 RCA
Floppy: n/a
SCSI: n/a
Geoports: n/a
Ethernet: n/a
FireWire: n/a
Mic Type: n/a
AirPort Ready: n/a
Other Ports:  Int Game
Tape Drive: Standard
Disk Drive: Optional
Floppy Size: 5 1/4 inch
No. of FD's:: up to 2
Int Hard Drive: none
Int HD Size: n/a
Int HD Interface: n/a
Int CD Support: n/a
Orig CD Speed: n/a
No. of Internl Bays: none
Memory Video and Graphics
Logic Board: 64K
RAM Slots or Sockets: 24 (3 Banks of 8 sockets)
Min - Max RAM: 64K - 64K (128K using plug in board)
Min RAM Speed: 200 ns Dynamic RAM
RAM Sizes:  
Install in Groups of:  
Graphics Processor uses CPU
Screen size - columns & rows 40 x 24
Video on board yes
Video RAM Shares Logic Board RAM
Max colors 16
RGB output no
Composit Video Output yes
Screen Resolution 280 x 192
Physical Specs. Software Power
Introduced: January 1983
Discontinued: March 1985 
Form Factor: Apple II
Gestalt ID: n/a
Weight (lbs): 11.5
Dimensions (in): 4.25 H x 15.25 W x 17.75 D
Addressing Modes: 8 bit
Orig SSW: Integer Basic
Orig Enabler: n/a
ROM ID: n/a
ROM Ver: n/a
ROM Size: 16K
AppleTalk Ver: n/a
Mac OS Supported: n/a
Max Watts: 60
BTU per Hr:  
Voltage: 120
Freq Range: 60 Hz
Battery Type: n/a
Soft Power: n/a
Pass Through: no
Sound Keyboard Specs.  
Sound Interface Device: uses CPU
Sound Generation: tone output to speaker
ADSR Capable: no
Sound Output: internal speaker only
Sound Input: no
Number of keys: 52 full stroke
Built In: yes
Detached: no
Upper / Lower case yes / yes