trs80 model 1


Model 1 Front View 
Model 1 Side View   Model 1 Name Plate    
006a  007a  008a  009a 
010a  011a  013  042 
043a  044a  045a  046a 
 047a  048a  049a  050a
 036a  037a  038a  039a
 015a  016a  019a  020a
 021a  022a  025a  026a
 027a  029a  030a  034a
 031a  035a  032a  
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Release Price  


System Architecture



Microprocessor      Standard on system board  
Clock speed     Maximum on system board  
Bus type     Maximum total memory  
Data bus width     Memory speed and type  
Address bus width     System board memory socket type  
Interrupt levels     Number of memory module sockets  
DMA channels     Memory used on system board  

Standard Features


Disk Storage

ROM size     Internal disk and tape drive bays  
Optional math coprocessor     Standard floppy drives  
Parallel port type     Optional floppy drives:  
RS232C serial ports     * 5 1/4 inch 160k  
Mouse ports     * 5 1/4 inch 1.2MB  
UART chip used     * 3 1/2 inch 720k  
Maximum speed     * 3 1/2 inch 1.44MB  
CMOS real time clock     * 3 1/2 inch 2.88MB  
CMOS RAM     Hard disk controller included  

Video & Graphics



Graphics Processor     Sound Interface device  
Screen size - Col x Rows     Sound generation  
Resolution - Colors/High     ADSR capable  
Resolution - Colors/Low        
Max colors     Programming language  
Sprites or Missiles     Built in language  
      Built in M L monitor  

Expansion Slots


Keyboard Specs.

Total adapter slots     Number of keys  
Number of 8/16/32 bit slots     Upper/lower case  
      Keyboard cable length  

Physical Specs.


Environmental Specs.

* Height     Operating voltage @ 60 Hz  
* Width     Maximum power supplied  
* Depth     Power supply output - volts  
* Weight     Power supply output - amps